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    Blogger & Podcaster. Not your ordinary kid.

  • Writing Samples

    Here are some of my writing samples. Although no all these sites may not be recognizable to you, they are well known in their industries (self development, fitness, productivity, etc.)



    Huffington Post


    Elite Daily

    Foundr Mag

    Bony to Beastly

    Addicted 2 Success

    Introvert Spring

    Purpose Fairy

    The Wild Wong

    Steven Aitchison

    Wealthy Gorilla

    Motivation Grid

    Project Life Mastery


    Good Men Project



    Dumb Little Man

    Ad Week


    Crazy Egg

  • "If you think your IQ is 160 but it's 150, you're a disaster. It's much better to have a 130 IQ and think it's 120." -Charlie Munger

    This is one of the many quotes I love from Mr. Munger. It speaks to the importance of staying humble and knowing thyself.


    Consultant to Ramit Sethi and his company

    YouTube Marketing

    I reached out to Ramit Sethi, a titan and very well known in his online marketing industry and owner of a multi million dollar business to help out for free with YouTube marketing. He ended up asking to pay me to consult for him.

    Marketing Leader for Neil Patel

    Secret New Marketing Initiative

    I worked with Neil Patel, one of the most recognized names in online marketing and SEO, on a new marketing initiative. I was the lead on this initiative and was responsible for 99% of the work. I grew his reach from zero to over one hundred thousand views per month. Now, he gets over a quarter million views per month from the channel.

    Right Hand to President of Talk Local

    Direct Executive Assistant

    I learned about the start-up lifestyle of working from morning until late at night by helping a local mobile app tech start-up that received millions in venture funding.


    Washington D.C. Metro Area